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How to manage Spine Points in HR & Performance Management

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In this guide, we will show you how to manage Spine Points.

You can also find out about managing Spinal Progression in Staff Details.

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Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Spinal Progression for Staff


This page allows you to view active Staff Contracts including Spine Points and Spinal Increment Month. You can increase the Spine Point for a member of Staff from this page. You can also filter by Show staff with increment due in and Base Pay.

Staff Spinal Progression

A user can Manage Spine Points, meaning you can increase the Spine Point for Members of Staff to come into effect on a specific date. Select a Member(s) of Staff followed by the blue button Manage Spine Points.

Manage Spine Points

A Manage Spine Points pop up window appears. Select Apply changes on a specific date from the date you wish to increase the Spine Point (Spine Point will increase to the next active Spine Point) and click Increase Spine Point to action this.

Note: If the Staff Member is at the top of the Spine Point for their Base Pay, you will need to move that Staff Member to the next group manually.

Increase Spine Point

On selecting Increase Spine Point the existing contract is preserved with no end date, and the existing pay record set to end on the day before the date specified by the user. A new pay record for the new spine point is created in the contract with a start date specified by the user.

Note: the specified start date must be within the start and end dates of the contract.

How to manage Spinal Progression in Staff Details

Staff > Staff Details > Contracts (Show All)

Contracts are also visible in Staff > Staff Details > Contracts (Show All) pages.

Contracts – Show All

Double click on a Contract to see the Add/Edit Contract pop up.

In Payroll Information tab you can tick the Spinal Progression check box and from the dropdown choose the Increment Month, and press Save.

Note: Back in the Spinal Progression for Staff page the Spinal Increment Month will be updated to reflect the changes.

Add / Edit Contract

Note: Users can bulk edit the Spinal Progression (TRUE or FALSE) and Increment Month (1-12) from the Staff List using Actions > Manual Data Export and Manual Data Import > Staff Contract.

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Updated on October 31, 2023

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