How to create a Contract Document Template

Use this guide to create a Contract Document Template, to be used when adding Contract Documents to the Staff Contracts page.

Access: the minimum permissions for Contract Document Templates is found in the Administration Module from Config>Set Up>Roles and Permissions


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Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Contract Document Templates


The Contract Document Templates page allows users to create New templates for automated Contract documentation.

  • Template Content will allow you to format text, create tables, and insert images, files, and hyperlinks.
  • Edit existing templates by clicking on the pencil icon in the Actions column.
  • If a Contract Document Template is Deleted there will be no impact on any contracts that have been generated using that template.

Add New Contract Template

Click on New to create a new Contract Document Template. Fill in the Template Name, Template Content, and Save. The new Contract Document Template will appear in the Contract Document Templates table.

Edit Contract Template

Select an existing Contract Document Template and click on Edit. All of the fields are editable. Click Save.

Updated on February 21, 2024

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