How to Manage Shared Documents

Use this guide to Manage Shared Documents to be visible in Staff – My Profile with the option to ensure Staff acknowledge Shared Documents.

Access: for the minimum permissions for Manage Shared Documents go to Menu>Config>Set Up>Roles and Permissions>Administration


See also HR & Performance Management

Manage Shared Documents

Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage Shared Documents

Manage Shared Documents

Click New

Add the Title , Description and Select a file with the option to tick Requires recipients to acknowledge the document

Click Save

Add Document
Double Click

Double Click to see View Document

The Recipients tabs gives a view of the Recipients the Document has been Assigned to and if it has been Acknowledged with the Acknowledgment Date. If no Acknowledgement is required the, this is also shown.


Staff Profile

My Profile > Documents


The Document will be displayed in the Document List of the Assignee, in the Acknowledged column. Click on Required in that column to open the Acknowledge Document pop-up, tick the Acknowledged box and Save.

Note: Opening a Document as Required will also open the Acknowledge Document pop-up.

My Profile

My Profile > My Team

An additional panel, Team Documents, has been added to the My Team page. When selecting the + icon top right, to add a Document or selecting an existing Document, selecting from the Share with direct reports, dropdown list, will Share that Document with those selected.

Note: Email Notifications and Alerts will be sent when the Document is Shared.

Team Documents

My Profile > Documents

The Document is then Shared with those selected and will be displayed in their Document List.

Document List
Updated on February 21, 2024

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