How to Manage CPD Activites

Use this guide to Manage Staff CPD Activities to include ;

  • Ratings & Feedback
  • Import
  • Analysis
  • Manage Approval Process

See also HR & Performance Management

Access: for the minimum requirements to access CPD Activities from the left Menu go to Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions > Administration.


Ratings & Feedback

Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities

Manage CPD Activities

The Ratings button gives the option to gather Feedback on CPD Activities from Staff.


When selecting a CPD Activity and clicking the Ratings button any Feedback given by Staff will be displayed here.

My Profile > Performance Management > CPD Activities

An additional column, Feedback, has been added to the CPD Activities page, allowing Staff to add a Rating and a Comment on that Activity.

Note: Feedback cannot be given for CPD Activities that have not been Completed or have been added by the User. These will be inactive and displayed grey with a Tooltip explanation.

Clicking the Blue Leave Feedback button will open the CDP Activities Feedback pop-up, where you can add a Rating (which is mandatory) and a Comment if you want to, then Save.


The Import button gives the option to Download a Template and Import CPD Activities.

Click Import


Click Download a Template

Import CPD Activities

The Template has 4 Tabs labelled The List to Import and Available CPD Types, Available Locations and Example Import to assist you with completing a Template

Template Example

Example Template;

Example Template

Once you are ready to Import click Browse files to locate your Template or Drag and drop your Template in.

Browse and Select a Template

If the Import is successful you will get a notification and the Import shows as 100%

Successful Import

Click Report to see a Report of the Import

Successful CPD Activities
Imported CPD Activites


Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities

The Analysis button allows the CPD Activities to be viewed and Analysed.

Once selected a new page, CPD Activity Analysis, will be displayed. Giving the option to view By Staff Unit, By Staff Member or By CPD Library Activity and to select the a From and To Date.

Selecting a row will display a second table, Staff List, showing additional data.

Double clicking on a row will display the pop-up for the selected CPD Activity, with two tabs for Details and Documents/Evidence.

To Edit go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities > Edit

The option to see Staff associated with a CDP Activity has been added. Selecting the CPD Activity and clicking the Edit button, will open the Edit CPD Activity pop-up. An additional tab, Allocated Staff, has been added, selecting this will display a list of Associated Staff that have been allocated the Activity or who have signed up for it themselves via the CPD Library.

If required mark the CPD Activity as Complete for Allocated Staff.

Click Save

Manage Approval Process

Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage Approval Process > CPD

Manage Approval Process

Select CPD from the Select a Request Type dropdown

The option to set Thresholds for Approval based on Cost and Time, has been added.

Note: If either or both thresholds are met, then the approval process will be actioned.

Updated on March 16, 2023

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