How to Create and Manage CPD Activities

In this guide, we will show you how to Create and Manage CPD Activities within the Administration Module, which can then be assigned to specific Staff Members or Staff Units.

Pre-requisites: An understanding of the HR Module and CPD Activities is advisable.

Access: The minimum permission required to access Manage CPD Activities is found in the Administration Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.


See also: How to use the Performance Management page and How to use Manage Shared Documents

Use this guide to Manage Staff CPD Activities including:

Creating and Assigning a CPD Activity

To begin, go to Modules>Administration>Manage CPD Activities.


Any previously created CPD Activities will be visible on the page.

Press New to begin creating a new one.

Manage CPD Activities

This will open the Create CPD Activity screen where you can complete the following details (any fields with * are mandatory).

  • Type* – The type of CPD Activity you are creating.
  • Location – The location where the CPD Activity is taking place.
  • Start Date and Time – The Start Date and Time of the CPD Activity.
  • End Date and Time – The End Date and Time of the CPD Activity.
  • Summary* – Brief Summary of the CPD Activity.
  • Expiry Length – When the CPD Activity will no longer be available.
  • Detail – Further information about what the CPD Activity is/covers.
  • Time Required – Hours required to complete the CPD Activity.
  • Cost – The cost/charge of the CPD Activity to the Staff.
  • Active – Makes the CPD Activity available and active.
  • Save – Creates the CPD Activity once all required details have been completed.
Create CPD Activity

When you Save, you will receive a success notification and the CPD Activity will now be visible on the page.

You also have the option to press Assign.

Assign a CPD Activity

Pressing Assign allows you to assign a specific Staff Member(s) , Staff Unit or Staff Role(s) to the CPD Activity if you wish.

Assign CPD to Staff

Once Saved, the CPD Activity will appear on the Staff Member’s Records in the Performance Management area.

CPD Activities panel in the Staff Record

Manually adding CPD Activities data for Staff

To begin, to go to the Staff List page.

From there, select the Staff Member/s you wish to add CPD data for and press View.

Staff List

Once you have opened Staff Record, navigate to the Performance Management tab on the left and scroll down to find the two CPD panels.

CPD Activities and CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation panels

CPD Activities cannot be Bulk Imported/Updated and therefore must be either added manually, or assigned per the process detailed earlier in this guide. However, the panel below for CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation can be Bulk Imported/Updated through a Manual Data Import. This process is covered further on in this guide.

To add a CPD Activity, use the + icon on the top right of the panel.

+ icon

This will provide you with a pop out screen where you will need to manually enter the information relating to the CPD Activity.

Note: There are two tabs available in this window (Details and Documents/Evidence). All fields with * next to them are mandatory/must be completed.

Adding a CPD Activity – Details tab
Adding a CPD Activity – Documents/Evidence tab

Once you have entered the desired information regarding the CPD Activity, press Save.


The CPD Activity has been added and is now visible under the CPD Activities panel.

Data added

Manually adding CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation

Regardless of whether you have populated CPD Activity data yet, you can populate CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation anytime using one of two methods.

You can enter this data manually one Staff Member at a time, or you can add this data to multiple Staff Members in one process via a Manual Data Import, which will be shown later in this guide.

To add the data manually, go to the Staff Record Performance Management tab and navigate to the CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation panel. Click the + icon to open the Add/Edit CPD window.

Add/Edit CPD

Enter the required information and press Save.

Note: Selecting Monitoring and Evaluation as the CPD Type allows you to enter an internal Staff Supervisor, while selecting In Service Training enables you to enter a Provider.

Add data and click Save

You can now see that both the CPD Activity and CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation panels are populated for one Staff Member.

You would need to repeat this process for each Staff Member.

CPD Panels populated manually

Bulk Importing CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation

If you wish to add CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation data in bulk or for multiple Staff Members at a time, you can use the following method.

Go to the Staff List page and select all of the desired Staff Members so that they are highlighted in blue.

Staff List

Click Actions>Manual Data Export.

Manual Data Export

Next, change the Data Source to In Service Training and press Export.

Data Source – Export

This will export a CSV file which will appear at the bottom of your browser or can be found in the downloads folder of your PC.

Downloaded CSV file

Locate the downloaded file and open it.

Downloads folder containing the CSV file

The file will automatically contain the Names and Staff Codes of the Staff Members as selected. These data items are used to map the data back to the correct Staff Member later in the process.

Note: Please do not, in any way, amend the column headings or Staff data. Changing these will cause the Import to fail.

CSV file ready for data input

All that is required now is to fill in the empty fields by populating the Nature of Activity, Provider and Date.

Note: The information can be exactly the same or different for each Staff Member, it won’t affect the Import.

Once the empty fields have been populated, the last step is to Save the file.

Save the file once completing your data input

Now, return to Bromcom and reopen the Staff List page.

With the same Staff Members selected as before, press Actions>Manual Data Import.

Manual Data Import

Use the Browse button to locate and select the CSV file, leave the other options as they are and press Next.

Manual Data Import – Step 1

On the next screen, change the Data Destination to In Service Training and make sure that the three additional fields are mapped correctly (Provider = Provider, Date = Date etc).

If you are happy that the columns are mapped correctly, press Import.

Manual Data Import – Step 2

You will then receive a Success notification.

Import process has completed successfully

Select View on the Staff List page with the same Staff Members selected, to view each of their Records to confirm that the data has Imported correctly.


As shown in the two examples below, the same data from the CSV file was successfully added to the Staff Members selected for the Import.

Staff Check 1
Staff Check 2

CPD Activity Ratings and Feedback

It is possible to gather Feedback on CPD Activities from Staff.

Staff can view any CPD Activities that have been assigned to them via My Profile > Performance Management > CPD Activities

CPD Activities in the Staff Profile

The Feedback column allows Staff to add a Rating and a Comment on an Activity.

Note: Feedback cannot be given for CPD Activities that have not been Completed or have been added by the User. These will be inactive and displayed grey with a Tooltip explanation.


Clicking the blue Leave Feedback button will open the CPD Activities Feedback pop-up, where you can add a Rating (which is mandatory) and a Comment if you wish, before clicking Save.

Feedback can be reviewed via Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities


When selecting a CPD Activity and clicking the Ratings button any Feedback given by Staff will be displayed.


Importing CPD Activities

The Import button gives the option to Download a Template and Import CPD Activities, which can then then be assigned to Staff as detailed earlier in this guide.

From Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities, click the Import button.

Import button

Click Download a Template

Import CPD Activities

The template has four tabs labelled The List to Import, which is where you will add the information for import, then Available CPD Types, Available Locations and Example Import which contain information to assist you with completing the template.

Blank Template Example
Completed Template Example

Once you are ready to Import, click Browse files to locate your template or Drag and drop your template in.

Browse and Select a Template

If the Import is successful you will receive a notification and the Import shows as 100% completed.

Successful Import

Click the green Report button to see details of the Import.

Successful CPD Activities Import

The successfully imported CPD Activities will now be displayed under Manage CPD Activities.

Imported CPD Activities


The Analysis button allows the CPD Activities to be viewed and Analysed.

From Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage CPD Activities, click the Analysis button.

Analysis button

The CPD Activity Analysis page will now be displayed. You have the option to view By Staff Unit, By Staff Member or By CPD Library Activity and to select From and To Dates.

CPD Activity Analysis

Selecting a row will display a second table, Staff List, showing additional data.

Double clicking on a row will display the pop-up for the selected CPD Activity, with two tabs for Details and Documents/Evidence.

There is an option to see which Staff are associated with a CPD Activity. Selecting the CPD Activity and clicking the Edit button, will open the Edit CPD Activity pop-up. An additional tab, Allocated Staff, has been added, selecting this will display a list of Associated Staff that have been allocated to the Activity or who have signed up for it themselves via the CPD Library.

If required, mark the CPD Activity as Complete for Allocated Staff.

Click Save.

Mark the completion of CPD Activities

Manage CPD Approval Processes

See also: How To Maintain the Performance Management Line Management Structure.

It is possible to create approval processes based on Staff Units that you have set up.

You can set up your Staff Units from the Line Management and Staff Units page.

Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Manage Approval Processes.


Select CPD from the Select a Request Type dropdown

Manage CPD Approval Processes

The option to set Thresholds for Approval based on Cost and Time, has been added.

Note: If either or both thresholds are met, then the approval process will be automatically actioned.

Updated on February 21, 2024

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