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How to Run the Head Count Report

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Staff can use the Head Count Report to produce a Grid/Matrix style Report to show the Total Numbers of Students in either Teaching Classes, Tutor Groups, Houses, Years and Gender.

From the Home Screen choose Reports>Curriculum>Head Count.

Head Count
  • Choose a single Column Group from the drop down.
  • In the Row Groups either select a Single Row Group or Control and Click to select multiple Rows.
  • Choose the Active On Date, if reporting for the next academic year move the date forward.
  • Click to Show Sub Totals if required
  • Click to Filter by the Column Group if required

In this example.

Column Group = Year Groups

Row Groups = Tutors Group & Gender

Ticked to Show Sub Totals and Filtered by Column Group to select Year 11 only.

Example Head Count

Click Preview to run the report.

Note the Sub Totals and only Year 11 showing.

Year 11 Head Count Report

For a whole school Head Count choose the following parameters as an example

Whole School Head Count Parameters

This will produce the following report, note the Year Groups are in the Columns and the Tutor Groups are in the Rows.

Whole School Head Count Report

In this example the Tutor Groups are in the Columns and the Year Groups are in the Rows.

Report Example
Report Output Example
Updated on November 11, 2022

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