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How to Print or Download the Timetable Report for Staff

Administrators can use this report to produce an individual Timetable for selected members of Staff. To see a selected Group or Staff on one Timetable see How to Run the Timetable Report for Departments.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Timetable Report page is found in the Curriculum Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Also See: How to Run the Timetable Report for Students

Use this to Bulk print or download Individual Timetable reports for Staff.

To run the Timetable from the left Menu go to Reports > Curriculum > Timetable.


A series of Radio buttons are available depending on the type of Timetable required, the default setting is Student, change this to Teacher.


Use the Find button to select multiple Staff or type them individually into the Staff Name window to produce the desired Selection List.

Select Staff

The Selection List can be dragged away from the main panel if necessary. Choose the desired Format by checking/unchecking the required boxes, an Exclude Cover option is also available.

  • Select the Week Start and Week End for the Timetables and decide Font Size and Sort By options.
  • Note:  For 2-week Timetables it may be necessary to amend the Week Start date to a Week 1 date as by default the Week(s) Start will display the current week.
  • Single Periods can be added or removed by ticking or unticking the appropriate boxes.
  • All Days and Periods can be removed or included in the Timetables by clicking the Row Name or Column Heading. To remove All or select All click on the blank cell at the top left to toggle between them. When finished click on the Preview button.
  • Print or Download using the appropriate items on the Toolbar.
  • Tip: if printing the timetables you might want to run the Print Preview first.
  • A Class List can also be Printed or Exported by right clicking on a Class/Group from the Timetable.

This will open the list of Students for that Class/Group with the available Grid Actions.

Updated on March 30, 2023

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