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How to add a Non Order Invoice

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Go to Accounts Payable and select Invoices & Credit Notes.

A new Toolbar will be displayed and the screen will show existing Invoices.

Select New then click the Non Order Invoice button.

Enter Supplier and select Bank Account.

Enter the Invoice NumberInvoice Total (£), Invoice DatePaid by Date and Posting Period information

Save the Invoice then check the Lines.

Use the Record/Edit Invoice Row button to add Rows to the Balance.

Add the Cost CentreLedger CodeFund Code and VAT Code information in the Accounting section and the Description and Net Amount in the Items section.

Save the Line and create more if required.

The Invoice will be shown as Unauthorised to approve the Invoice for payment, click Authorise button.  Alternatively, another party can authorise the invoice at a later date.


The Invoice will now be shown as Authorised and is ready for Payment Processing.

Updated on September 10, 2020

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