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How to Add a Delivery Note

In this guide, we will show you how to add a new Delivery Note within the Finance Module.

Access: The minimum permissions required to create a new Delivery Note are found in the Finance Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Roles and Permissions

Pre-requisites: In order to create a new Delivery Note the Supplier must be marked to Process Delivery Notes For Supplier in the Commercial Relationship area of the Supplier Basic Details.

Check Box

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To begin, go to Module>Finance>Accounts Payable>Deliveries


Click Add Delivery.

Add Delivery

Alternatively go to, Module>Finance>Accounts Payable>Purchase Orders


Select the related Purchase Order (Order Status Printed).

Select Purchase Order

Click Add Delivery.

Add Delivery

Complete the header details (all fields marked * are mandatory).

Header details

Click Save.


Select the required item/items for Delivery.

Select items

Click Record/Edit delivery.

Record/Edit delivery

Enter the Quantity Delivered.


Click Save to complete the process or Save & Next to record the quantity of the next item.


Click Save.


Where the remaining items will not be received, click Cancel rest.

Cancel rest

Mark all items as delivered

Finance users can mark all items as delivered with a single click when they receive a delivery. After clicking on Add Delivery and then saving the Delivery Note Details – the Delivered Items panel displays a Deliver All button.

Clicking on Deliver All, without selecting any lines, will move the Quantity Outstanding over to Quantity Delivered for all rows.

Image #1

To reverse this action, a user will need to click on the rows or use the select all checkbox followed by the new Delete Selected button which will move the Quantity Delivered back to Quantity Outstanding for the selected rows. 

Image #2

Users must click Save to complete these processes.

Updated on March 14, 2024

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