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How to clear commitments

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Where a Cheque or Payment run has been Cancelled it may be necessary to clear the Commitment.

To do this go to Invoices and Credit Notes from the Accounts Payable section.

Change the filter to Authorised

You are unable to cancel an Authorised Invoice or Credit Note – so you will need to raise a Credit Note or Invoice to net this off (see how to Create a Non-Order Invoice or how to Process a Credit Note)

If there was a Purchase Order associated with the Invoice, then this may also need to be cancelled. Check to see if there is an Order Number and make a note of the number

Go to Purchase Orders in Accounts Payable.

Type the Purchase Order number into the search box

Highlight the Purchase Order and select Cancel

 Complete the details and select Continue                                                                  

Your Commitment should now be cleared.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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