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How to Close a Period

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Close Accounting Period go to Routines and select Close Financial Period Process.

This will open the Close Financial Year Period window, when ready click on the Confirm Readiness button.

If there are any unfinished Transactions or unfinished Processes, the system will display warnings or errors. Warnings can be ignored and will allow the Period to be closed but errors will need to be corrected before the Period can be closed.

If there are any Journals shown as Unposted but they are not yet finished they can be moved to the next Period.

Correct the errors as shown in the Confirmation page.

Incomplete Journals can be moved to the next Period prior to posting.

Once complete select Close this Period.  If you need to you can still Abandon Period Close at this stage.

Once closed the system will return to the Period close screen showing the next Period available to close, click Cancel to close the window.

Updated on September 2, 2020

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