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How to Manage Salary Commitments and Projections

This is an overview of the Salary Commitments and Projections and Salary Setup options.

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Go to Modules > Finance > Staffing for the option selections.

Taking each of the sections in turn:

  • Base Pay Mapping – this maps the type of staff (Service Term) to a Cost Centre/Ledger Code combination. Different combinations can be used for Salary Casts and Pensions and Employers National Insurance
  • Individual Salary Payment – is a facility to post a single Salary Payment for a member of staff
  • Salary Calculator – shows staff costs for existing staff, by individual and the impact of any changes such as leavers joiners or Scale Point changes
  • Salary Projections – shows commitments for current year, broken down by service terms and then by individual
  • Salary Reconciliation – used to reconcile a monthly payment file to individual staff members. This could be useful where Payroll is outsourced to a provider – This has now been moved to the Routines section and renamed Automatic Reconciliation.

Individual Staff Records are found with the MIS part of Bromcom. Staff Contracts are created as part of the Staff Record. This indicates Scale Points, Start and End Dates plus any additional payments such as TLRs. It also shows membership of Pension Schemes and what NI Table the Staff member is on.

Go in to Config. Administration and Base Pay Structure

Base Pay Structure is where the types of Staff (Service Terms) are defined. Here are details of Scale Points for different types of Staff. These are defined for a period so that it is possible to keep history of previous Pay Scales. (You can expand the selection by pressing the Edit button).

The go to Config. Administration Superannuation.

Superannuation schemes are defined in the Superannuation section. For a school these would typically be a Local Government Scheme for Support Staff and Teachers Pension Scheme for Teachers. Here Employer Contribution Rates are defined.

The Staff module is accessed via the left hand side.

Select the individual Staff member by highlighting their row. Then select View Staff Details to look an individual more closely.

You can then add a Contract to a member of Staff by pressing Contracts on the left hand side and the little blue plus sign to add a Contract.

The final piece of the Setup is the Employer National Insurance tables, which are changed by legalisation every year by the Government. This table is found under Maintenance on the main Finance Page.

The letters refer to NI Categories. Refer to the HMRC website for current rates and thresholds.

Once the Contract has been added, you need to add a Pay Scale and other basic details. Again press the green plus sign to add a record. Once the Start and End Dates have been added these details will flow through to the Financial Commitments and Projections.

The Salary Reconciliation has been renamed Automatic Reconciliation and moved to Modules > Finance > Routines > Automatic Reconciliation.  It will now also include the options to Import Journals and Invoices Paid Centrally as well.

The process remains the same – go to Import file and select your file.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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