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How to Use Bank Reconciliation

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Go to Routines and select the Bank Reconciliation option.

To start a new Reconciliation select the Add Statement button.

Enter the details as follows

Statement No =                System Calculated Number

Statement Date =        Enter Statement Date

From Statement =        Enter Statement Opening Balance

From Statement =        Enter Statement Closing Balance

Difference  =                Difference Shown

To Reconcile enter any missing Transactions via the Cashbook Journal click on the Add Journals button, then from the following page on the Cash Book button.

Make sure the correct Bank Account is entered.

Once all of the Transactions have been entered Reconcile the Transactions and select the Save and Refresh button.

Once all Transactions have been Reconciled to on the Statement select the Save button.

A Reconciled Statement will have a 0 difference

Updated on September 15, 2020

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