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How to Manage Data Boundaries

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use Data Boundaries to define what Staff can view in relation to current and historic Student Data, for example External Staff my only require the Current Years Data.

In relation to End Of Year procedures Data Boundaries can be used in the following example scenarios;

  • Behaviour Detentions: as there is no date range within detentions. I.e., you cannot say that you want a detention schedule used for this point in time in the future. If you are making changes to configurations at the End Of Year ready for September, then any changes you make to the detention schedules happen immediately, which would affect any detentions in July. The way to avoid this is to put yourself in a Data Boundary for next academic year, make your changes and then return back to the Nucleus afterwards.
  • Timetable: you may wish to work in a Data Boundary for the new academic year to easily work with next years classes rather than having to alter the active on date in various screens, etc..

From the left Menu go to Config > Setup > Data Boundaries.

Click the New button to create a New Data Boundary.

Give the Data Boundary an appropriate name (e.g. calendar date range) and then set the date range required. Select all Roles who should have access to the Data Boundary, then click the Create button.

To Edit an existing Data Boundary, simply select it and make changes as required and Save or select then click Delete to Delete the Data Boundary.

Updated on June 12, 2024

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