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How to use the Online Report Repository

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

The Report Repository is a Repository of over 100 pre-created reports that can be downloaded and used or downloaded and edited. These are reports that have been created by both Bromcom and by schools and are available to everyone to use.

See below for a excel spreadsheet of the available reports in the Bromcom Online Report Repository

Hover on the Reports select Adhoc and click on View Reports from within the Adhoc menu.

Note: Access can also be created here for a Private Repository for LA’s or Multi Academy Trusts, giving access to all the relevant reports to all the schools within the LA or MAT.

To Import from the Online Repository of ready-made Templates select a Folder for the report to be saved into and from the Actions drop down choose Import Report, this will give two options, to browse for an existing XML file or Import from the Online Report Repository.

When the Search option is selected only the reports in the Repository that have NOT been previously imported will be listed, unless the Include previously imported reports option has been ticked, which will show reports as Imported. To search for specific reports type a keyword into the Search box or leave blank to view all the reports.

From the list of reports displayed select those to be imported by ticking the box to the left of the report or the Select All or Deselect All buttons. If the Search option has been used those reports will be the only ones displayed, clicking on the Select All button will select only these reports.

To find out more about a report Hover on i on the far right or on the report.

  • Output = is the columns that will be created by the report
  • Parameters = are the parameters available, as seen in the image the second report only gives the Student selector

When the report selections have been made click on the Import Report button and the reports will be downloaded to the pre-selected Folder.

Note: Where a group of schools work together or are in a Multi Academy Trust there is the option to access a sixth button Upload. Where reports used throughout the schools can be uploaded to a private Repository for downloading within that group.

With the report to be uploaded selected, click on the Upload button.

Select the Repository the report is to be uploaded to from the dropdown menu. The rest of the information will be automatically filled in from the report, NameDescriptionOutput(s) and Parameters.

If the report is going to replace an existing report in the Repository tick the Overwrite existing report definition box. This will activate the ORR Reference box, type in the report reference.

Each report within the Repository has an ORR Reference (Online Report Repository Reference), this can be found at the bottom of the report information within the Repository.

Export – will open the File Download window, where the selected report can be saved to a location of your choice as an XML file. You can share any of these exported files with other Bromcom schools, who will be able to Import them using the Import option, making sharing reports easier.

Updated on September 20, 2022

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