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How to Create a New Academic Calendar/Year.

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The Academic Years area is used to define the date range between which the school’s yearly Academic Calendar will run and to name Terms if required.

Important: the Academic Year Start Date must be a Sunday and the End Date must be a Saturday regardless of the ”real” start and finish days. The dates between two academic years must not overlap.

From the Home Screen choose Config>Curriculum >Academic Years page from within the Academic Calendar menu.

Curriculum Creating a New Academic Calendar 001

Click New to create a New Academic Year.

The system will automatically generate a start date for this new Academic Year based on your previous Academic Year (if there was one).

Curriculum Creating a New Academic Calendar 003

Important: the system requires the Start Date to be a Sunday and the End Date to be a Saturdayregardless of the ”real” start/finish days.

Curriculum Creating a New Academic Calendar 005

Select the number of Terms for the Academic Year.

Amend the Term Names and complete the each of the Term Start Dates and End Dates as required by clicking on the calendar icon.

Complete configuration:

  • Select the Period Structure from the drop down and set the Timetable Day for the first week day of Term 1 to 1. This will usually be blank for Primary schools.
  • If needed use the Colour Code to differentiate between different Period Structures.

After you click Create, you will be redirected to the Academic Days area.

Updated on May 11, 2021

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