How to Edit QN Data

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Here you can change the QN Data Status between Active and Inactive. You cannot make any further edits to the Data.

See also: How to Import QN Data.

Start from Curriculum > QN Data.

Curriculum QN 001

Then use QN & Subject Classification Code drop down to locate and select the QN codes that you would like to Edit.

Curriculum QN 003

Once you have selected your QN Codes from this page you can view the QN Codes you have selected.

Curriculum QN 005

Once you have changed the Status of the code click Save.

Tip: You must ensure that you save each QN code before moving to the next one, if you move without clicking the Save button, the changes will not be saved.

If there are several QN codes that need to be changed from Active to Inactive or vice versa, this can be done using the Bulk Update option. Or you can use the QN & Subject Classification code selector to select all the QN codes you wish to change. Using the dropdown list either select Active or Inactive and click Save.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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