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How To Setup the Trip Request Permissions and Approvals

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page will show you how to enable this option and to add Designated Trip Co-ordinators and Approvers.

Also see: How To Request and Approve a Trip

From the left Menu go to Config > Curriculum > Clubs and Trips Settings.

Then to the Trip Request Permissions and Approvals section.

Tick the Enable Trip Requests in My Profile box and select Staff to be Designated Trip Co-Ordinators. If you select more than one move the mouse over to see a list of those selected.

Note: The Trip Co-Ordinator will be the person who arranges the Trips, so this could be someone in the Office or Finance etc. Once the Trip has been Approved they will receive and email so they can Process the Trip.

If Trips will NOT need Approval then click Save.

If Trips will need Approval, select Permitted – Requires Approval from the dropdown list. Then select the Request Type, Trip Request (UK) or Trip Request (Abroad).

Note: You can setup different Approval criteria for each.

Finally add those who can approve the Trip Request. From the dropdown list select Manager, Manager’s Manager or Specific Person, up to 5 people can be added to this list and can be a mixture of the available options.

A Specific Person is selected from the Staff List, the Manager or Manager’s Manager will be those associated with the person making the Request as set in the HR section of Administration. The Manager and Manager’s Manager options can only be selected once.

Also see: HR & Performance Management Guide

When complete select Save.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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