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How to block out Staff Timetable periods

Access: To follow this guide you will need two sets of permissions which will both be listed below.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to block out Periods of a Staff Members Timetable.

You could then Schedule meetings or other activities to take place during these Periods should you desire.

See also: How to Add and Edit Staff Non Contact and Duty Codes and How to manage Staff Timetabling

Staff Non Contact and Duty Code

Access: To access this area, the following permissions from the Curriculum Module need to be ticked within Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

To begin, you would need to go to Config>Curriculum>Staff Non Contact and Duty Codes.

This will load all of the Staff Non Contact and Duty Codes currently in the system.

If there is one you are happy to use, such as Blanking, then you can skip to the Staff Timetabling Section of this guide.

If you wish to create a new Code, press New.

This will provide you with a section on the right of the page where you can give the new Code a Name and Description.

You can also tick Active (this lets you select this Code later on) and Cover Required (this means that you will need to Arrange Cover when using this Code).

Once the information is added, press Create.

The Code will now appear in the list and can be edited at any time by simply clicking on it.

Now that the Staff Non Contact and Duty Code has been created, you can add it to a Staff Member’s Timetable.

Staff Timetabling

Access: To access this function, you will need the following minimum permissions from the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

To begin, go to the Staff List page.

Next, highlight a Staff Member by clicking on them and go to Actions>Staff Timetabling.

A small pop out Window will open.

Once it does, press Manage Non-Timetabled Time.

You will then see the Staff Member’s Timetable.

From there, right click on the Period/s that you wish to add the Staff Non Contact and Duty Code for and you will see Timetable Code.

Hover over it to see every Non Duty Code currently Available in your system and choose the Code that you created or identified earlier.

Once you click on the Non Duty Code, it will appear on the Staff Member’s Timetable.

It will Save automatically so just press Close once you have added it to the desired Period/s.

You will now see this Code when you view the Staff Member’s Timetable from their Record.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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