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How to enable Magic Link for the Student Portal

Note: All pages shown are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to configure your Student Portal settings and make use of the Magic Link feature available via the Student App.

See also: How to create Student Portal (VLE) Accounts and How To Enable Single Sign-On for Student Portal

The first step in this process is to go to Config>Student Portal>General Settings.


Once the page loads, you would need to tick Enable Single Sign-On Providers and Save the page which should prompt a Success message.

Enable Single Sign-On Providers
Success Message

Once this is in place, you would need to go to Modules>Student Portal>User Accounts.


On this page, you would select one of the desired Users Accounts and press Edit.

Select User Account and Edit

Pressing Edit will allow you to enter a Single Sign on Email and Single Sign-On Account Provider for the Student which they can use later on.

Note: This can be an Email Address already stored against the Student on their Record or you may wish to set up and assign new Emails beforehand in a consistent format i.e Student1@testacademy.org.uk.

Enter Single Sign-On Email and Provider

Once this has been Saved, the Student can now download the Bromcom Student App on their phone and select to log in using the Magic Link.

Bromcom Student App – Select Magic Link

The Student would then enter the School ID and their Single Sign on Email that you added to their User Account in the previous steps.

Bromcom Student App – Enter School ID and Email

Once the School ID and Email have been entered, the App will state that a Magic Link has been sent to their Email Address.

Bromcom Student App – Sent via Email

Below is an example of how the Email containing the Link will arrive to the Student, which they would then click to open.

Note: Students MUST open the Magic Link Email from a DEDICATED EMAIL APP on the Mobile Phone/Device that the Student Portal App is also installed on.

Click Link

Clicking this link will enable Students to use Single Sign for the Student Portal and bypass the need to enter credentials moving forward.

From now on, when Students log in to the Student Portal either via the Web or App Version, the App will take them straight through after they enter their 5 digit code or use Face/Touch Recognition while the Web Version will take them straight through after they select Login with Microsoft/Google Account as seen below;

Select either Microsoft or Google Account

No more remembering Usernames or Passwords!

Student Portal Dashboard
Updated on November 11, 2022

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