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MCAS Parent Guide

See also How to Access/Add Accounts on the MyChildAtSchool App.

See also Online Payments Primary and Secondary.

See other Parent MCAS articles here.

Updated on December 2, 2021

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  1. Hello
    My name is Zeray Okbasselassie
    Just I have ask you about my son his name is Hermon
    He’s no doing he’s home working so could you help him
    Because his password is no working. We been try ever day.
    Please help us.
    Dad of Hermon.

    1. Hi, You will have to contact the school, we hold no password information the school maintain this.

  2. Hi
    It seems the MCAS site is down again. Can you please check and update when the site would start working again.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vineeta,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Please contact support if this happens and they will look into this for you.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  3. Hi

    How do I link my two accounts from two different schools? I can’t see any links or instructions to tell me what to do.

    1. Hi Karen
      This isnt possible however, we do have instructions on how a parent can add an account from another school if they are using the MCAS App.
      Please see How to Add/Access Accounts on the MCAS App. I have updated the guide with this link.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  4. I have downloaded the parent guide but can find no details for trip or product payments. It focusses solely on clubs which are very different. Where can I find details for trip and product payments to pass on to our parents who are struggling to find the information they need?
    Thank you.

  5. Hello, this sounds daft, but we have some parents that cannot log out of the app. (iphone users) I have had a look myself and there seems to be no log out option, only to kill the app and log back in.

    1. Hi Debbie

      This is correct. There is no Sign Out option, there is only the option to Switch Accounts, Add a New Account or Delete an Account.

      The Logging in occurs as the Parents enter their Pin as the App Launches. The data shown on the App is fed to it by the MIS, there is no Online or Offline as such so closing the App and re-opening it is correct.

      Kind regards,
      Bromcom Support

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