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Autumn 2022 School Census – Student Prior Attainment

The Autumn 2022 Census will released to Bromcom customers from Monday the 12th September.

This page contains Bromcom guidance for completing the Autumn 2022 Census and focuses specially on Student Prior Attainment.

See here for DfE guidance on Post 16 Student Data – Maths and English GCSE Prior Attainment.

The Prior Attainment must be set for the Students to ensure that their English and Maths GCSE Results are entered on the system.

To update Prior Attainment in bulk go to Modules>Census>Student Prior Attainment.

Prior Attainment Pathway

On this page you can search for individual Students with the blue spy glass or Find Incomplete Students which will provide you with all Students that are missing their Maths/English Prior Attainment.

Select Student

Once you have your Students selected, you can either select Update from Exams or highlight Students and select Bulk Update.

Entering Prior Attainment

Note: The Update from Exams function will only work if the Students were at your School and sat the Exams at your School for these Subjects as an Internal Candidate.

You will also need to ensure that the Prior Attainment is in place for the Current Year, and the Previous Year (i.e. in 22/23, you must also have 21/22 completed)

Bulk Update allows you to enter a Grade and Year Award for the Students on the following screen;

Entering the Data

Once the data has been entered, press Apply. This will return you to the original screen where you would then press Save to store the Prior Attainment.

Saving the Data
Updated on November 11, 2022

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