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How to process in Non-Invoiced Income

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Open up Receipts in Accounts Receivable

Select Non-Invoiced Receipt

Add the details for Received From, Book, Date and select the Payment Method (For Direct Transfer you will need to put an account in and for a Cheque you will need to put a cheque number in).  Ensure the period is correct. Select Save.

Select Add to put lines in.  Select a product (for information about how to add a product please see How to Manage products

When complete select Save. You can add more than one line with Save and Next.

You can the Print a PDF Receipt (to do this for a direct transfer you will need to Post the transaction first).

Cash and Cheque payment s can be added to the Paying in SlipsDirect Transfer and Credit Cards will appear ready to be reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation

Updated on October 22, 2021

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