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How to Allocate Funding In Fund Allocation

In this guide, we will show you how to:

Allocate Funding in Fund Allocation

Access: The minimum permissions required to complete the Fund Allocation are found in the Finance Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Roles and Permissions

Pre-requisites: In order to complete Fund Allocation the required Financial Year must be set up and opened.

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To begin, go to Module>Finance>Budgeting>Fund Allocation


The Fund Allocation page displays the following figures:

  • Fund Allocations
    • B/Fwd – Carry Forward total of that specific Fund code from the previous Financial year.
    • Fund Allocation – allocation that is added or removed using the Increase Allocation and Decrease Allocation buttons.
    • CFR Apportioned – CFR apportioned amount of the Fund Allocation column.
    • Total Fund Allocation – total of the Fund Allocation plus the B/Fwd values.
    • Budgeted – Cost Centre Allocation for ledgers associated with those Fund Codes.
    • Reserves – balance of Total Fund Allocation less Budgeted.

Select the Fund which requires allocating.

Select Fund

Click +Increase Allocation or Decrease Allocation as required.


Complete the allocation fields as required.

Allocation Fields

If you are required to Apportion the funding for CFR enter the values for Apportionment against the relevant CFR Codes.


Click Save.


Confirm with Yes or Cancel.


Click Cancel to close the page.


Totals on the Fund Allocation page will reflect the Increase or Decrease.


To review the History of the Fund Allocation select the Fund you wish to review.

Select Fund

This will expand the History pane.

History Pane

Exclude Fund Codes from Fund Allocation

Go to Modules > Finance > Fund Codes.

To exclude Fund Codes from Fund Allocations, when adding or editing a code, users will need to check the new checkbox Exclude Fund Code from Fund Allocation.

  • When checked, the Fund Code will not be included in the Fund Allocation table and all figures on the page (Modules > Finance > Budgeting > Fund Allocation).
  • When unchecked, the Fund Code will be included in the Fund Allocation table  and all figures on the page (Modules > Finance > Budgeting > Fund Allocation).

Note: Fund Codes that have been excluded from Fund Allocation can still be seen in the Chart of Accounts enquiry.

Image #3

The column Excluded from Fund Allocation is displayed in the Fund Codes table.

Updated on March 20, 2024

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