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How to Make a Member of Staff a Leaver

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Also see: How To Add a New Member of Staff.

To make a member of Staff a Leaver from the left Menu go to Staff > select a member of Staff > Actions > Leavers.

Note: Only one member of Staff can be selected.

This will open a new page:

  • Leaving Date – By default the date displayed will be the current day, enter the Leaving Date if different
  • Reason – Select the Reason from the dropdown list
  • Next Employer – Enter the Next Employer, if known
  • Record as vacancy for returns – Tick this box if you wish to Record as a vacancy for the Returns
  • Vacancy has been advertised – Tick this box if the vacancy has been advertised

When finished click the Save button or to also amend Contract information click on the Save and Open Contracts button.

If the Stop users making staff leaver if there are active timetables after leaving date option has been selected under Config > Administration > Administration Defaults, a Warning message will be given if that Member of Staff still has an active Timetable, that they cannot be made a Leaver.

If you need to reinstate a member of staff this can be done by going to the Staff page. Click on Search Filters. On the Status dropdown select Leaver. This will show you all leaver staff. Select the member of staff and click View. On the staff record click on the Edit icon next to the staff members name. On the pop out window click on Employee Details and remove the date from Staff Leaving Date.

Updated on June 8, 2021

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