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How to Request an Audit Report for Roles and Permissions within Vision

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

This guide will cover how to Request Audit Data within Vision. Users can Request an Audit Report for all the schools in the Trust.

Login into Vision and from the left Menu select Admin > Request Audit Data , this will open the Request Audit Data page.

The page’s Date Range defaults to filter Audit Reports requested over the last year. Use the Filter button to amend the Date Range if you wish. Click on the Request button in the top right hand corner to Download the Audit Report.

Request Audit Report

A Successfully Registered pop-up message will be displayed. Following that, Users will be notified once the Audit Report is ready to Download. Click OK to close.

Download in progress

A Success pop-up message will be displayed once the Download is complete. Click the link to Download the Audit Report or select Download Audit Report icon next to the report in the Audit Data List table.

Note: Users can navigate to any page and the process will continue to run in the background and will alert the User the Download is complete.

Download finished – Click Link
Click Download

The Excel Download displays all the changes made in order of: School, and Audit Date.

Excel download

Updated on April 25, 2023

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