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How to use the Communication Dashboard within Vision

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

When viewed from the Central MIS – the Communication Overview page shows a tally of remaining Email and SMS credits and a summary of communications sent to all Contacts (Students, Student Contacts, and Staff).

The page will be released in two stages.

If the school is using Central MIS: the school will only see available credits in the tables in the first release. The other tables will be populated in the second release when Trusts are then able to send communications to Trust wide contacts (Students, Student Contacts, and Staff).

School using Central MIS

If the school is using Bromcom MIS: the school will see all tables populated and working in the first release. The school will be using the MIS communications generating the Communication Summary and updating the Remaining SMS Credit, Used E-Mail Credit, SMS Today, and Emails & Push Notifications.

School using Bromcom MIS

In future releases you will be able to buy SMS and Email credit from Vision.

Note: The page will display data in real-time, refreshing every 60 seconds.

Also see: How to use the Attendance Dashboard in Vision and How to use the Students Dashboard.

Login into Vision and from the left Menu select Analysis > Dashboard > Communication.


When the user clicks on any row under SMS Today and Emails & Push Notifications, the grid below will display the selected row’s data for today’s date only.

Communication Overview
Updated on May 22, 2023

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