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How to manage Bromcom AI in Vision

In this guide, we will show you how to manage Bromcom AI settings in Vision. Through Vision, the Bromcom AI permissions set in the master school can be distributed to schools in the Trust.

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

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How to distribute Bromcom AI Settings to schools in a Trust

Login into Vision and select Central > Bromcom AI > Bromcom AI Settings.

The Central Management – Bromcom AI Settings page displays the Status of the Bromcom AI settings and associated roles in the master school.

Note: The roles in the master school need to be available in the child school for them to be mapped by this process. If the role is not available in the child school it will not be mapped.

Click Distribute.

In step 1 Select Schools, select the schools, phases, or school sets that you would like to distribute the Bromcom AI settings to.

Click Next.

In step 2 Distribute, click Submit to start the distribution.

Click Proceed to continue.

Once the Progress bar has reached 100%, click View Summary to see the distribution status for each school.

The Bromcom AI Settings Summary displays:

  • School ID
  • School Name
  • Bromcom AI Settings (in master school)
  • Status (of the Bromcom AI Settings in master school)
  • Roles (in master school)
  • Distribution Date
  • Status (distribution status)
  • Message (distribution message)

In the child school MIS, roles and settings that have been successfully mapped to reflect the master school will appear in the Config > Setup > Bromcom AI Settings page.

Note: The match is made by Role Name, only roles that have a successful match will appear in the field.

How to lock/unlock Bromcom AI Settings in Vision

Login into Vision and select Central > Data Lock.

Under Main Options, users can now Lock and Unlock the Bromcom AI Settings from Vision. See How To use the Vision Data Lock

Image #2

In the child school MIS, a message appears to let them know Bromcom AI Settings are managed centrally. All toggles are read only, however, roles are can be amended and saved.

Image #3
Updated on November 3, 2023

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