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How to Distribute Primary Tracker Assessment Tracking Templates within Vision

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Note: This option is for use with the Vision product only. User Accounts also need to be created in your Central System before they can be distributed to other schools.

Allowing Primary Tracker Assessment Tracking Templates to be transferred to Vision connected schools.

Also See: How To Manage Roles & Permissions within Vision

Login into Vision and from the left Menu select Central > Assessment > Assessment Templates.

Selecting the Assessment Templates, option allows the Distribution of Tracking Templates to schools. When one or more Templates have been selected, click the Distribute button.

This will open the Distribute Assessment Templates to Schools pop-up with a 3 Step Wizard. Step 1 for selecting the Schools for Distribution, Step 2 to Review the Associations and Step 3 to Distribute.

  • Step 1 will display a list of Schools using Pre-Migrated Assessment which are excluded from the Distribution
  • Step 2 Review Associations will match the NC Year Group and Subjects between the Master School and the selected Schools, giving a message, if there are any issues with the Mapping
  • The Refresh All button will Refresh all of the Associations.

Note: Distributing Assessment Tracking Templates will OVERWRITE any existing data the schools may already have.

Note: Step 2: Single Sign-On users can resolve Mapping Details directly in the School’s Groups page by clicking on Open in MIS icon in the Action column. Refresh All will remove the resolved messages you may have corrected by using the Open MIS link.

Note: The Count shows the number of Trust/School Data Bases that have the Assessment Templates active in the MIS. Enabling this Count can increase the time it takes the table to load.

Modules > Assessment > Routines > Manage Templates

Two Origin column will show that the Template has been distributed by the System and the Modified column will display the Date and Time this was done.

Vision > Admin > Roles

The Central – Assessment Templates, Permission will have to be allocated to the User Roles.

Updated on May 31, 2023

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