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How to Setup Student Contact Details Configurations for MyChildAtSchool

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

The Configuration area is where all the Widgets and Menu options are setup for the Parent Portal view of MCAS.

From the left Menu go to Config > MyChildAtSchool > Student And Contact Details.

Student And Contact Details – defines what Student Information and Contact Details will be displayed and what can be Edited when selecting the Data Collection Form options on the Parent Portal.

There are 5 sections that can be selected from the Information that can be viewed for dropdown menu.

Tick the boxes for what will be Visible for the User and what can be Edited, the items with no tick boxes are mandatory.

The Data Collection Form and the Admission Form tabs have the same options to select, using the Tick boxes.

The Data Collection Form selections will be displayed in MCAS on the left Menu.

Contact Details

When selecting the Contact Details option from the Information that can be viewed for dropdown list, on the Admission Form tab, there is an additional tick box option Contacts are able to add additional contact details. Tick this option if you want to allow the MCAS User to add another Contact. Set the number of Minimum Required Contacts as well.

Note: This is the Minimum number of Contacts the User will have to add before they can Submit the Change Request.


The Documents section gives the option to add Documents for the Parents to see when using the MyChildAtSchool portal. To add a Document click on the + icon top right.

Add the Title and the Document, tick the required options and click Save.

Selecting the Parents must acknowledge they have read and understood the document option will display Yes or No under the Confirmation Required? column. Clicking on the number in the Confirmation column will list all those who have Confirmed they have read the Document.

The Admission Form Permission section is used to determine which Groups will see the Admissions Form instead of the Standard Collection Form.

When finished click on the Save button.

Updated on July 19, 2023

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