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This process can be used by MyChildAtSchool Administrators to define basic settings about the Student information displayed in MCAS for Parents.

This is part of the checking procedures for End of Year if using MyChildAtSchool.

From the left menu choose Config >MyChildAtSchool>General Settings.

General Settings Pathway

Complete the relevant information:

General Settings
  • Head Teacher Title – for example PrincipalExecutive PrincipalHead Teacher.
  • Last Update Notification Threshold – choose how often to send a reminder to the Users to update their details (this will be a pop-up reminder when they login). The number of days between the reminder is selected from the dropdown option.
  • Select whether to display either All of the available Academic Years or User Defined and Tick the Years to be displayed.
  • Select the Days of the Week to display for Timetable and Attendance.
  • Automatic Removal – Tick whether you want Parents to be automatically removed from Accounts when Students are no longer on roll or whether you want to maintain this manually.
  • Select whether to display the Preferred or Legal Name of the Student .

Upload an image as to show as login background. Finally an image can be added which will display as the background for the MCAS Login page. To upload this click on the Select button and open your image, taking into account the recommended size, and Save.

Clicking on the Open MCAS login Page button will open the page showing what this will look like with the image.

To Remove the image click on the Remove Background Image button.

When you’re finished click Save.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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