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How to Configure General Settings in MyChildAtSchool

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This process can be used by MyChildAtSchool Administrators to define Basic Settings about the Student information displayed in MCAS for Parents.

This is part of the checking procedures for End of Year if using MyChildAtSchool.

You can also use this page to enable Self Sign Up for parents using MCAS see How to use Self Sign for parents MCAS accounts.

From the left Menu go to Config > MyChildAtSchool > General Settings.

General Settings Pathway

This will open the General Settings page, select the options you want and click the Save button.

  • Head Teacher Title – for example PrincipalExecutive PrincipalHead Teacher
  • Last Update Notification Threshold – choose how often to send a reminder to the Users to update their details (this will be a pop-up reminder when they login)
    • The number of days between the reminder is selected from the dropdown option
  • Academic Year Data to display in MCAS – select whether to display either All of the available Academic Years or User Defined and Tick the Years to be displayed
  • Days of the Week to display in MCAS (Attendance and Timetable) – select the Days of the Week to display for Timetable and Attendance
  • Automatic Removal of Parent(s) when all associated students are off roll – tick to automatically remove Parents from Accounts when Students are no longer on roll
  • Show Preferred Name instead of Legal Name – select to display the Preferred Name of the Student
  • Upload an image as to show as login background – upload an image, (recommended minimum size 1024 x 768), which will display as the background for the MCAS Login page. To Remove the image click on the Minus icon that will be displayed to the right of the File.
  • Enable Self Sign Up for Parents – tick if you want parents to be able to Self Sign up for MCAS, see the i for more information ( this is for parents with parental responsibility AND who are linked to a student as a contact with an email address – Students>Contacts)

When you’re finished click Save.

Updated on November 3, 2023

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