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How to add a New Customer in MAT Finance

In this guide, we will take you through the process of adding Customer details in the MAT Finance Module.

Access: To carry out this task, you will need the following minimum permissions from the Finance Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

From the left Menu, go to Finance>Routines>Customers.

This will bring up a list of your Customers already in the system.

To add a new Customer, press New.

This will bring you a blank Customer form for completion.

Complete the following fields in the Customer Identification boxCustomer Name, Reference and VAT Registration Number.

Next, enter the Credit Limit and Terms from within the Commercial Relationship section.

Once the details have been entered, press Save.

You will receive a notification that the Customer has been saved successfully.

After you press Save, some additional sections will open up at the bottom of the page which allow you to create an Invoice or Credit Note for example.

If you do not need these details, simply press Close.

If you wish to add further details at a later date, find the Customer from the list and press View/Edit.


Updated on November 29, 2022

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