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How to Complete the VAT Reporting Process in MAT Finance

In this guide, we will take you through the VAT Reporting page in the MAT Finance Module

From the left Menu go to Reports > Finance > VAT Reporting

This will bring a table of all VAT Reports in the System.

To ad a new VAT Report, Click +Create

A new pop out box will appear

Check that the correct VAT Period is selected by selecting the VAT Reconciliation Report

To print the reports, Select each Report and click Load

This will open a new tab to be able to preview the report.

Please note: select either 126 or Submittal depending on the report you submit.

Once you have selected, Click Preview.

This will open the report for checking and printing.

Run all reports required.

Once you are happy that the information is correct, you are ready to submit.

Return to your VAT Reports Tab.

Select you VAT Submittal and Confirm.

This will then take you to another page where you can preview and print your VAT Submittal Summary for uploading.

VAT 100 (Making Tax Digital) (To be completed after the VAT Submittal, on the same day to ensure the same transactions are included).

If you are submitting VAT 100 (MTD) you will need to Select the Period in the table which is showing a VAT Submit Date:

Click +Create

Select VAT 100 (MTD)

Your Period will change to the earliest possible period for VAT 100. Click Confirm

(please note, this is showing Period 1 as we do not complete VAT 100 on our test area)

You will get a pop up of your VAT Submit Return

Check the information and Send

You may need to authenticate your Government Gateway Credentials in Global Config.

Updated on March 1, 2024

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