How to Add Doctor Surgeries

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In this guide, you will be shown how to add a new Doctor Surgeries.

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From the left Menu go to Config>Administration>Doctor Surgeries.

Click on the New button.

On the Add Doctor Surgery page, enter the Name of the Surgery and click the Create button.

You will then be able to enter the Address and Telephone Number by clicking on the Green + icons that appear next to each field.

Enter Address details and click Save.

You can use the Find button next to the Postcode field once you have entered it to populate the Address.

Enter Telephone details and click Save.

When complete click the Save button.

The Address and Telephone Number can be Deleted by clicking on the Red – icon, there will be a Warning message.

To Add additional Telephone Numbers click on the Green + icon and to Copy the information click on the Papers icon on the right.

Clicking on the Delete button will Delete All of the Surgery Details, a Warning will be given.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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