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How To Create Room Layout Templates for Seating

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This article provides you with the steps required to create Room Layout Templates for Seating, that can then be used by Teaching Staff directly from their Registration page for Seating in that Room.

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From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > Room Layouts

Select a Room and move down the page to the Room Layout section and click New.

The New Room Layout page will be displayed, enter the Name and Description for your new Layout Template and then add the Width and Height which will be the number of Seats.

Next, drag & drop the Seats into place.

Note: The green mark denotes the Seat and can be moved around by clicking on the circled arrow in the centre.

When complete click Save.

Note: More than one Template can be added to the Room Layout and a Room Layout can also be assigned to Multiple Rooms.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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