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How to Set and Format your Admission Numbers

The Admission Numbers, and Admission Settings, can configured from Config > Administration > Admission Settings.

Important: new Bromcom customers will need to define the next admission number in the sequence to prevent admission numbers becoming unordered. This can be done from this page. We recommend doing this before you admit any new students into Bromcom.

Admission Number Settings area is on the left of the page.

  • Max Length: 50 characters
  • Prefix: first character
  • Suffix: final character
  • Starting number of Admission: this is the next number you want to be used in the sequence, for the next Student admitted to the school. To identify this, you can navigate to the Student List Page and sort by Admission Number, identifying the last one used.
  • Use released Admission Numbers – if you leave this box ticked it will allow Admission Numbers of historic students to be re-used.

On the right is the Default Settings to be used at Admission – these options will update the New Student page as default options when you chose to add a new student.

Updated on March 28, 2023

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