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How to Create/Edit and Update Base Pay Structures

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page will show you how to Create Staff Pay Scales and will also show you how to Update and Edit them. These are created in Administration then they are added to Staff Records through the Staff Profile Page and the Contracts tab.

Access: the minimum permissions required for Base Pay Structure is found in Administration>Maintenance Module from Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions



  • Details of Pay Scales and Salary Amounts
  • Check that your Regional Pay Spine is correct – Config > Administration > Administration Defaults – ensure it is set to the correct Regional Pay Spine for your area. You also have the option to Allow multiple regions in Scale Point Groups
Regional Pay Spine Options

From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > Base Pay Structure.


Click New to create a new Base Pay Structure.

The following box will open.

Fields with a * must be completed.

  • Code – this could be NJC or MPS, for example
  • Description – this is the name of your Base Pay Structure
  • Base Pay Category – this is a pre defined dropdown that you can chose the DfE Payscale Name that corresponds to your Base Pay Structure
  • Active – the enables the Base Pay Structure so that it is available to select in the Contract area of Staff Profiles
  • Hours Worked/Week – This is the maximum number of hours worked per week and will be used in the Pro-rata calculation.
  • Weeks Worked/Year – This is the maximum number of weeks worked per year and will be used in the Pro-rata calculation
Base Pay Strucure

The next section down is to add the Scale Point Group. You may add just one Scale Point Group – for example – Main Pay Scale Teachers – you could just do one group, giving it a Code and Description. Then click Save

Or if you have a number of different roles within that Base Pay you may chose to split them up and create a Scale Point Group for each, as in the following image.

Please note – the Scale Point Group Code that you chose is the one that is displayed in the dropdown selection box in the Contract area on the Staff Profile.

To create your Spine Points for each Scale Point, select the Scale Point so it is high-lighted.

Then click Add on the Spine Points

The following box will appear, you can add the Name of your Spine Point, Description and Value.

The Description is the selection list that will appear in the Contract area for you to chose the Spine Point from.

The Value is the full time salary for that Spine Point.

Once you have completed your first Spine Point, please click add to add the next. Repeat until you have added all Spine Points for that Scale Point.

Click the Save button in the top left of the page

In the example your Trust has Teachers (or any members of Staff) who’s Regions are different then you would change the Region drop down and add in the relevant Values.

In the example below we have added in the Spine Points for Region: Rest of England and Wales

Example Spine Points

If we have Staff across different regions we would change the Region dropdown and enter the relevant Values as per the example below. Click Save once you are happy with the data.

To edit your Base Pay Structure, Highlight the one you wish to edit and click the Edit button to open it. Then you can view each area and add Spine Points for example or new Scale Points.

Additional options to Hide Inactive Groups and to Sort the columns have been added to the Scale Points Groups panel.

Updated on July 7, 2023

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