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How to use Safeguarding Subcategories

Use this guide to create Safeguarding Subcategories in Lookup Tables when adding Safeguarding incidents to Students.

Access : For creating Lookup Tables go to Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions > Administration

Lookup Tables

Access : For adding Safeguarding Incidents go to Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions > Framework > Safeguarding.

See also How to Add a Safeguarding Incident and How to use the Safeguarding Dashboard

Go to Config > Administration > Lookup Tables

Lookup tables

From the Admin Lookup dropdown choose Safeguarding Incident Subcategories


Click New


Complete the Lookup Name and Description * denotes mandatory field

Choose the Associate Lookup Value, these are Safeguarding Incident Categories

Tick if Active

Click Create.

Add Admin Lookup

The Subcategory will now be visible when Adding an Incident to a Student Record, you can select multiple Subcategories.

Add an Incident

Note: The Subcategory will also be available as a Data Item in Quick Reports>Incidents

Quick Reports

In the Safeguarding Dashboard Incident Subcategories is a column when drilling down to Students

Updated on February 21, 2024

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