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How to Add a new Room

Note: All pages shown are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to create and add a new Room to your system.

From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > Rooms.

Click the New button.

This will open the Room Details page.

Note: The Room Name field has a limit of 10 characters.

Only fields with * are required but you can always add additional data later if needed.

Once you are happy with your Room Details, press Create and this will add the Room to your system.

Depending on the Start Date that you assigned, the Room can now be used for Timetabling/Cover and will appear when you next go to Config > Administration > Rooms and Search for it.

Updated on November 2, 2021

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  1. I would like to know what the Reference column is on the room selector screen. What is this data? Where is it maintained?

    1. Hi Ian
      Thank you for your comments.
      The Reference in the Room Description.
      I have updated the guide
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

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