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How to Add a New Room or Edit a Room

Note: All pages shown are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to create and add a new Room to your system for use with Cover, Timetable and Exams and to edit a Room already in your system, for example edit Room Capacity.

See also How to Add Exam Rooms and How to Create Templates for Seating Plans.

From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > Rooms.


Click the New button to Create a new Room


To Edit an existing Room click on the Magnifying Glass icon to show the list of Rooms. Click on the required Room then click the Done button.

Select a Room

This will open the Room Details page, which can then be Edited, click the Save button when completed

Clicking on the New button, will open a Room Details page which will be Blank, only fields with * are required but you can always add additional data later if needed.

Note: The Room Name field has a limit of 10 Characters.

Once you are happy with your Room Details, press Create and this will add the Room to your system.

Depending on the Start Date that you assigned, the Room can now be used for Timetabling and Cover and will appear when you next go to Config > Administration > Rooms and Search for it.

Note: It is not possible to delete a Room due to the historic data stored against the Room.

If you give the Room an End Date, it will no longer appear as a choice when selecting a Room for Timetables or Cover.

Updated on March 31, 2023

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