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How To Configure Atomwide / AdEPT Education (LGFL)

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If your school uses Atomwide you can setup an integration that will pass Student, Staff and contact information.

Start from Config > Setup > Atomwide Integration Settings

Once on the page you will need to enter your license key and password for Atomwide. If you are unsure what they are please contact them. For the Supplier ID you will need to use D552A6FA-53A9-4A86-B738-5D29D76E72AC, which is the same for all Bromcom schools.

Now you will need to select what users will be passed through to Atomwide for the account creation process. This will generally be Students and Staff but may vary depending on your school.

Once these details have been entered you need to save your setting using the Save button. Once saved the system will create a system job that runs the export every day. You can also run an export manually using the ‘Run’ option.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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