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How to use Bromcom AI

Use this guide to access and start using the Bromcom AI ( Artificial Intelligence) chatbot.

Access and Permissions

The chatbot is available by default to all System Administrators.

Access: the permission requirement to access Bromcom AI is in the Framework Module in Config>Set Up>Roles and Permissions.


Note that the chatbot is not accessible on Reports pages, and only accessible on school Finance pages under Config > Finance.

See here for the Product Portfolio on Bromcom AI

How to access and use Bromcom AI

What is Bromcom AI

Bromcom AI is the UK’s first AI powered MIS, an innovative school management information system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve school operations and student outcomes. It represents a breakthrough in school management by providing real-time data analytics and insights that help school leaders make informed decisions and improve student performance.

The dataset for the question responses in the chatbot is looking at the same data as Open AI. This is publicly available data.

Note that we accept no liability for any inaccurate information that the chatbot may provide.

  • Phase 1 giving school staff the opportunity to access public data.
  • Phase 2 due for release on 21st June 2023 expanding to access your school information.

Access the chatbot


The chatbot is visible on the top right of the Bromcom page except when accessing built in Reports.

Chatbot on My Dashboard
Chatbot on Student Profile
Chatbot on Manage Attendance

Hover over the chatbot


Terms of Service

When each individual user Clicks on the chatbot for the first time and following any updates the following Terms of Service will pop up. Read and Scroll Down to see the full Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

Once you have read and if you agree to the Terms click the Green I Agree Button

If you click I Disagree the chatbot will not open.

Agree to Terms of Service

Start using Bromcom AI

The Welcome to Bromcom AI chatbot will now pop up in the right hand side of your MIS.

Chatbot Welcome

Notice the Top questions from schools which we will be adding to in future updates.

Either click on one of the questions or type your question into Ask anything and click the Send Arrow

The chatbot will display 3 dots as it’s working on your question.

Click to X to close the chatbot

Close chatbot

Click the two arrows to Expand to full screen and then Collapse the chatbot back the right hand side of the screen.

Expand and Collapse

Example Questions and Answers

Note that we accept no liability for any inaccurate information that the chatbot may provide.

Below are some example Questions and Answers, these questions are generic as apposed to data based.

For example you could ask the chatbot to ‘give me an example email to send to parents regarding poor student attendance’

Example 1.

Example Question and Answer

Example 2.

Example Question and Answer

Example 3.

Example Question and Answer

Example 4

Example Question and Answer

Example 4

Example Question and Answer
Updated on May 24, 2023

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