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How to Create a New Action

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

An Action is an occurrence triggered by an Event or a number of Events in Behaviour Pathways. Once created, it will be available to use in Behaviour Pathways.

See also: How to Create a New Event, How to Set up Pathways and How to Use the Referral Mail Schedule

From the left Menu go to Config > Behaviour > Actions.

To create a New Action click New.

Note: The Show Actions as of option will show Actions that are active on the date entered.

Complete the fields for the Action:

  • Name  –  this can be up to 10 characters in length
  • Description  –  this can be up to 30 characters in length
  • Start Date  –  date the Action will start from
  • End Date  –  add a Date if you want it to expire after a certain Date
  • Colour  –  select a Colour to be associated with this Action
  • Action Type  –  select from the drop down list, (this can help when filtering for certain types of Events when Reporting)
  • Detention Type  –  (if required) select from the drop down list. i.e. if the Event is logged it will trigger the Detention Type selected

Complete the fields for the Threshold & Expiry:

  • Threshold  –  this value is where the User can define the specific amount of Event Points required to activate this Action, this value can be Positive or Negative. see How to Create a New Event
  • Max Permitted  –  if a Student can only activate this Action a limited number of times the Max Permitted button should be ticked and the maximum number selected in the box below. Note : When the Max Permitted number is reached the Threshold count for this Action starts again
  • Points are accumulated for  –  you can choose to AccumulatePoints by either SubjectDepartment or All by ticking the relevant box
    • All will apply this Action to all areas, meaning that this Action can be achieved by an Accumulation of Points over all Subjects and Departments
    • Subject student Points will be accumulated on an individual basis, for each Subject
    • Departments student Points will be accumulated on an individual basis, for each Department

Complete the fields for the Referrals:

  • Refer to  –  select the Member(s) of Staff to whom recipients of this Action will be referred. Note: When selecting an area specific Role (such as Head of Year/Subject) only Actions with relation to that specific area will be referred
  • Staff Name  –  select a member of Staff who is not represented by any of the available options. You can select them manually using the Staff Name search

When finished click the Create button. Once this action is created it is now available to use in Behaviour Pathways.

Updated on March 9, 2023

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