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How to Setup Configurations for Behaviour

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This guide will show you how to setup the Behaviour Configurations, including those for the old style Behaviour Entry Forms and for the new style Behaviour Entry Forms, (which became available on the 18th September 2021).


From the left Menu go to Config > Behaviour > Configurations.

This will open the Behaviour Configurations page with three sections, Behaviour Entry Form Configuration, Configurations and Detention Scheduling.

Behaviour Entry Form Configuration

Old Style Behaviour Entry Form

If using the old style Behaviour Entry Form leave the option unticked.

The Behaviour Entry Form when opened will remain unchanged.

New Style Behaviour Entry Form

If changing to the new style Behaviour Entry Form tick the box, this will allow you to Configure the way the Behaviour Entry Form will be displayed.

The names of the Event Types can be changed from Positive, Neutral and Negative by clicking on each and entering the new names. The blue options can be hidden by clicking on the Eye icon and will display grey to show they are Hidden. The new Behaviour Entry Form has two tabs, the blue options can be moved left and right so you can decide what will be displayed in each tab.

The Behaviour Entry Form when opened will be displayed with the changes you have made.


Select your Configuration Settings from the four options.

  • Do not process events until Review Completed for Review Required events  –  if the Event has been marked as requiring a Review, ticking this box will not show the Event within the system until the Review has been marked as complete

Note: This can be used for example for a serious Behaviour Event that Senior Staff may like to review before it appears on the Students Record.

  • Define Separate Detention Schedule for each Year Group  –  if selected each Detention Type can also be scheduled by individual Year Groups with different members of Staff associated with each
  • Enable Rescheduling for Authorised Absences  –  if selected a Student with an Authorised Absence Code will automatically be rescheduled to the next Detention slot
  • Enable Event Entry for past dates in Behaviour Entry Page  –  selecting this option it will allow Teachers to enter retrospective Behaviour Events from the Register or Lesson Dashboard. If this is not selected the Behaviour Event will not allow Events to be backdated (this does not affect backdating of Events in other Behaviour Entry areas like the Student Details page or Behaviour Event Records page

Detention Scheduling

  • Detentions are scheduled to occur in  – Teaching SessionsNon-teaching Sessions – this determines which Periods the Detentions appear in, both can be selected if needed
  • Detentions will be scheduled at least xx days in advance  –  select how many days in advance Detentions are scheduled
  • Type of Cut-off TimeSingle Cut-off Time – Daily Cut-off Time – this sets the Cut-off Time for Scheduling

Add/Edit Attendance marks that can be used in Detention Review here you can select the Attendance Marks you wish to be used in the Detention Registers

Once all Configurations have been set, click on the Save button.

Updated on February 2, 2022

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