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How To Create Behaviour Event Classifications

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Classifications are used as a way of classifying Behaviour Events into certain Categories, for example Bullying could be an Event, but the Event can be classified into different areas of Bullying such as RacismVerbalPhysical etc., which can then be reported on and selected if required when adding an Event to a Student Record.

From the left Menu go to Config > Behaviour > Event Classifications.

To create a new Classification click on the New button.

From the New Classification window, begin by entering a Name for this Classification.

Once you have entered a name, you can enter some descriptive text.

If you would like this Classification to be enabled, simply check the Active Tick box.

Now you can select the Behaviour Event(s) to which this Classification will be associated. To make multiple selections simply hold the CTRL key whilst making your selections. When an Associated Event is logged in a Students Record the Classification/s will be visible to be selected if required.

Now that you have defined the Classification, you can click the Create button to complete the creation.

Updated on May 5, 2023

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