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How to Schedule A Detention

In this guide, we will show you how to Schedule a Detention. Detention Scheduling is used to schedule different types of Detentions at different times, with assigned Staff and Rooms for each.

You can use this guide to set fortnightly detentions, as well as how Teachers can Escalate or Re-schedule a Scheduled Detention.

See also: How to Create a New Detention Type or if you’re a Teacher, How to Record a Behaviour Even from the App.

You can also view a recent Bitesize Webinar on Scheduling Detentions.

Access: The minimum permissions required to Schedule a Detention are found in the Behaviour Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

To start from the left Menu, go to Config>Behaviour>Detention Types.

Highlight the Detention Type you want Schedule then click on the Schedule button.

Note: The Show only active option will show Detention Types that are active on the date entered. Others may have been created but are not active.

To use the Schedule make sure that the Detention Type Schedule Settings are set to Active.

Select the Member of Staff from the Staff dropdown that will take the Detention, then select the Room the Detention will take place in from the Room dropdown. You can now choose which Weekday and Period the Detention will happen. To save this scheduled Detention Type, period click on the green Tick icon.

Note: if running a two week Timetable you can schedule fortnightly detentions by choosing the relevant Weekday on the Weekday drop down.

Now provide the Additional Information:

  • The Detention Priority allows you to prioritise more serious Detentions over others
  • You can also choose whether this Detention Type can be scheduled at the same time as another Detention. If Cannot is selected, all subsequent Detentions of a lower priority will be rescheduled to the next day on the Schedule
  • Any student that does not attend the Detention can automatically be given a Behaviour Event or leave this blank.
  • If you wish to Manually Authorise this Detention type you can change the dropdown
  • Enabling Teachers to Escalate or Reschedule adds the options to the the Teacher Registers

When finished click the Save button.

Escalate and Reschedule

When a Teacher takes a Detention Register from the Lessons Dashboard they may have the option to Escalate or Re-schedule if this has been configured in Config>Behaviour>Detentions>Schedule.

Enable Teacher Escalation and Rescheduling


Detention Register

In this example the Student has been marked N – No Reason for Absence and Esc – Escalate has been ticked.

Click Save.

Tick Escalate

In this Detention the Schedule has been set that if Students do not attend they get an Event called Missed15 Minute Detention which is linked to a 30 Minute Detention which is also scheduled.

Escalate : The Student will be automatically added to the next slot on the 30 Minute Detention.



In this example the Student has been unable to attend due to Illness so an I for ill code has been selected and the Resc – Reschedule button has been selected.

Reschedule : The Student will be automatically added to the next available slot for the 15 Minute Detention Type.

Updated on December 19, 2022

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