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How to Create a Referral Mail Schedule

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The Referral Mail Schedule allows the user to set the time when users are notified of Referral Behaviour Events and Triggered Actions

Hover on the Config heading on the Toolbar select Behaviour and click on Referral Mail Schedule

Behaviour Referral Mail Schedule 0001

As the Events become live when entered referral e-mails will be generated at the end of the day and sent out. However, e-mails can also be scheduled to go out at other times.

Tick the Enable Event Notification Mail Schedule tick box to setup a Schedule.

From the Schedule dropdown list select either Every 15 minEvery 30 minHourly or DailyNote: If you set to Daily a time option will become available.

The Event Notification email Template is given a Subject name then using the Dynamic Fields dropdown list and User added free text, the Event Template is created.

The Action Notification email Template is given a Subject name then using the Dynamic Fields drop down list and User added free text, the Action Template is created.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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