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How To Distribute Users from Vision

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Note: This option is for use with the Vision product only. User Accounts also need to be created in your central system before they can be distributed to other schools.

Allowing an MIS User Account to be transferred to MAT Vision connected schools for Staff who work in multiple schools.

Also See: How To Manage Roles & Permissions within Vision

Login into Vision and from the left Menu select Admin > Central Management > Users.

Tick the boxes to the left of the Name to select Users to be Distributed. Once selected click the Distribute button to open the Distribute Users to Schools pop-up.

From the School Filter select All Schools and then from the Schools dropdown list the School/s to Distribute the Users to. Selecting Phases or School Set will display an additional dropdown list to select either the Phase/s or the School Set/s to distribute the Users to.

Ticking the Show MIS Count box will show the number of schools that have the Users active in the MIS. The MIS Count column values for Users is now active. Clicking on a Value in the MIS Count column will open a School Distribution pop-up, where a a User can be Distributed to the selected School.

Note: Enabling this count can increase the time it takes the Users table to load

Third Party Permissions that have been Assigned to a User will also be Distributed as well.

Note: Any Third Party Permissions Distributed will overwrite any existing Third Party Permissions for that User.

To check what Permissions have been Assigned to a User in the MIS go to Modules > Setup > System Security > Third Party Access Permission and Logs and select a User from the dropdown list.

Updated on May 17, 2022

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