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How To Manage ParentPay Integration Settings

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Hover on the Config heading on the Menu select Setup and click on ParentPay Integration Settings.

To setup the ParentPay Integration please follow the steps below. If you get a message ParentPay Integration is not licensed please contact  customercareteam@bromcom.com

This will open the Parentpay Integration Settings page.

Enter the School ID from ParentPay which you will find in the top right hand corner of the ParentPay homepage into the Supplier ID field.

You will need to create an Admin Account in ParentPay for Bromcom. Add the Account Credentials to the Username and Password fields.

You can also decide which if any of the Medical and Dietary Needs are uploaded for the ParentPay Export Data. These can be selected individually using the Ctrl key or all can be selected by ticking the upload all medial conditions/dietary needs box.

Click Save when finished.

You can then either manually upload or set a schedule to run once a day at a time you want. Just toggle the Schedule Enabled radio button and set the time you want it to run.

Connecting via Third Party API’s

As well as the built in Integration offered within Config>Setup>Parent Pay Integration, Parent Pay now also support Integration via Third Party Access Accounts using API’s.

This means that Schools now have two methods to choose from when setting up Parent Pay Integration.

See also: How to create a Third Party Access Account

In order to set this up, you would need to go to Modules>Settings>System Users and once this page loads, press New.

This will open the User Account creation screen where you need to select ‘Create a new user’.

This User Account will sit in the MIS alongside your other User Accounts, so please make sure you name it appropriately to make it stand out (For example, First Name – Parent, Last Name – Pay).

The Username and Password fields are required, but they will NOT be used by Parent Pay to log in to the system. These are only used for logging in as Staff Members, Parent Pay will not log in the same way.

Note: Please consider that the Username determines how the account will be displayed in later stages.

Once all of the required details have been entered, the next step is to scroll down and enable the Third Party Role.

Note: Please ONLY enable the Third Party Role for the Parent Pay account, as this Role is specifically created to only allow Parent Pay to see data they need. Enabling other Roles can make sensitive data elsewhere accessible so please do not do this.

Once this is done, scroll back to the top and press Save.

This step is now complete and the next step is to go to Modules>Setup>Third Party Access Permissions and Logs.

Select the Parent Pay Third Party Account from the drop down.

This will open up the logs for the account, and will provide the option to Manage Permissions as seen below;

This list of Permissions is very important and determines exactly what data Parent Pay are able to read/access.

Note: The required Permissions are specified entirely by Parent Pay themselves, Bromcom cannot advise which Permissions should be enabled so if you are unsure you would need to contact Parent Pay directly.

Once you have enabled all of the required Permissions, ensure to press Save and the process should be complete.

Parent Pay may not immediately see your MIS data, but if there are no logs for the account the following day you would need to contact Parent Pay to troubleshoot beyond this point.

Updated on October 21, 2021

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