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How To Manage ParentPay Integration Settings

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Hover on the Config heading on the Menu select Setup and click on ParentPay Integration Settings.

To setup the Parent Pay Integration please follow the steps below. If you get a message Parent Pay Integration is not licensed please contact customercareteam@bromcom.com

This will open the Parentpay Integration Settings page.

Enter the School ID from ParentPay which you will find in the top right hand corner of the ParentPay homepage into the Supplier ID field.

You will need to create an Admin Account in ParentPay for Bromcom. Add the Account Credentials to the Username and Password fields.

Click Save when finished.

You can then either manually upload or set a schedule to run once a day at a time you want. Just toggle the Schedule Enabled radio button and set the time you want it to run.

Updated on July 10, 2020

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