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How To Manage Single Sign-On

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Single Sign-On enables a school to permit its staff to sign into the Bromcom MIS using existing Microsoft or Google accounts. This precludes the need to remember standard Bromcom Usernames and Passwords created in System Users. Additionally, staff can be prevented from using these system-defined logins by disabling the functionality.

Note:  Bromcom has some external applications which still require a standard Username and Password, such as Timetable and Behaviour Pathways. It is advised that new user logins be created for these specific purposes to avoid difficulties using these applications.

From the left Menu go to Config > Setup > Security Settings.

Select Single SignOn Providers Configuration and tick the box, Enable Self Registration. If required, also check Disable Authentication for Mapped Bromcom MIS Accounts to prevent staff from using the standard issue login.

This will now allow Staff to link their own Single Account with Bronmcom.

Linking a Single Account with Bromcom

First login is required using the standard Bromcom login process.

Next, from the dropdown option next to the User Name select My Account.

Select the appropriate Single SignOn provider.

Complete the sign in details and any further security information requested by the provider.

The Linked Account will now be displayed instead of the options to link to a provider. This link can be broken by using the delete icon. Click the Save button to complete the process.

Linking Multiple Accounts with Bromcom

Linked Accounts can be viewed from this Settings page using the View Linked Accounts option.

Click on the View Linked Accounts button and then select the Show Accounts without Single Sign-On radio button. This will list all of the Accounts without a Single SignOn option.

From the Grid Actions click on the the CSV option, this will Export the list to CSV. Where you can update the Single Sign on Account column.

When the file has been updated click on the Import button, Browse for your CSV file, select the columns to match criteria and either Microsoft or Google for the Sign-On and click the Import button. A Confirmation showing the number of changes will be displayed, select either Cancel or Proceed.

After this, Users will be able to login to the system with their own Google or Microsoft Account, without the need to know their BROMCOM account details.

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Updated on July 2, 2020

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