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How to Set Up Analysis for Assessment – Grade by Group Summary

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Assessment Administrators can use this guide to create a Grade by Group Summary Template to analyse a single Assessment Type

See also How to Set Up Analysis for Assessment – Grade Distribution

Complete Analysis Data Transfer

Important Note: In order for Assessment information to be visible in the Analysis Module you must first complete an Analysis Data Transfer which transfers data from the Assessment Module into the Analysis Module.

To do this go to Modules>Analysis>Analysis Data Transfer

Analysis Data Transfer

This screen defaults to Transfer On Roll Students and Current Year Only, these choices can be amended if required.

Analysis Data Transfer

Click Transfer Now, note this process will take several minutes, once complete you will receive a notification pop up on the top right of the screen.


You have now completed the Analysis Data Transfer.

Create a Template

From the Home Page choose Modules>Analysis>Assessment


If you are creating a template for the first time then from the Template drop down choose NEW TEMPLATE

New Template

Give the Template a Name and from the Analysis Type drop down choose Grade by Group Summary

You can define which Role(s) have access to the Template if required or leave blank so all roles who have access to the Analysis Module can see the Template.

Template Name and Permissions

Click Save.

Now you need to work along the top right tabs for Data Scope, Cohort and Options to define what you are doing a Grade by Group Summary for.

Click on Data Scope.

From this panel you can:

  • Define a single Assessment Type to create a Grade Distribution for.
  • Define Key Stages
  • Define Subjects or leave blank for all Subjects.
  • Define Terms
  • Define which Year choosing from Current Year, Specific Year Groups or Last Year.

In the example below the Current Assessment Type, Key Stages Key Stage 4, Subjects – Mathematics, Term Autumn 1 and Current Year has been chosen.

Note; for a drop down choose a single item, for a white box click to choose multiple items.

Data Scope

Click Save and Apply.

Next click on the Cohort tab.

From the Students drop down choose either Active Today, Between or Active On


Then from the Filters drop down we have selected Enrolment Status On Roll.

Please be aware you may have historic Assessment data in for more than one ‘Year 11’ for example you may have Year 11 data in from the last academic Year for the students that are now in Year 12 so in this example in the filters select Year Group and Choose Year 11.


Click Save and Apply.

The Grade by Group Summary is now visible in Table Form with the option to Excel Export the data in the top left Grid Actions

Grade by Group Summary

You will notice that by default in Cohort Group Type Reporting Group is chosen however, you can choose Tutor Group

Cohort Group Type

In the example below we have chosen Reporting Group and then in Cohort Groups chose several built in dynamic reporting groups and we’ve chosen to Breakdown by Gender to produce the following analysis.

Use the Grid Actions to Excel Export if required.

Grade by Group Summary

Click on any underlined number to see the selected Students List with the option to Export, Copy or Print and add Add/Remove Additional Columns to the Student List if required.

Click on the Column Headers to sort the Columns

Student List
Add Columns to Student List
Updated on April 3, 2023

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