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How to use Exam Option Subjects

Use this guide to map your Exam Components to Subjects and then perform an Analysis Data Transfer. This process will ensure that your Exam Results will be available to add to Tracking Templates and then appear in Assessment Sheets. See How to Add Results to an Assessment Sheet

Access: the minimum permissions required to access Exam Options Subjects is found in the Analysis module from Config> Set Up > Roles and Permissions


See also Exam Results Guidance

Exam Option Subjects

Go to Config>Analysis>Exam Option Subjects


Choose the required Exam Season from the dropdown

Exam Option Subjects

Then map the Exam Option Codes to the Subject by using the far right drop down choices.

Map Codes to Subjects

You can use the top right search box to filter the panel. In the example below we have typed Maths into the Search box


When you are happy with the mapping click Save.

Now you can perform an Analysis Data Transfer to transfer your Exam Results into the Analysis Module

Analysis Data Transfer

Important Note: In order for Assessment/Exam Results information to be visible in the Analysis Module you must first complete an Analysis Data Transfer which transfers data from the Assessment/Exams Module into the Analysis Module.

Go to Modules>Analysis>Analysis Data Transfer


This screen defaults to Transfer On Roll Students and Current Year Only, these choices can be amended if required.

Data Transfer Settings

Remember if you are performing a transfer in September and you want to see the Exam Results from the previous year remember to tick Last 2 years

Click Transfer Now, note this process will take several minutes, once complete you will receive a notification pop up on the top right of the screen.

You have now completed the Analysis Data Transfer and your Exam Results will be visible in Modules>Analysis>Assessment

For further guidance on Assessment Analysis see here

Updated on June 13, 2023

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